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IN 1967


It was April of 1967 when Gioacchino Salvi, who came from Amatrice, decided to open up a small trattoria under the shade of Piramide Cestia.

At that time, there were only two doors and a few simple Roman dishes. In no time the doors became four, and the seats doubled! The reputation of the Taverna Cestia started to grow in the city and more people, celebrities, politicians and soccer players came to eat. 

52 years, 3 generations and 3 renovations later, we still pursue our love for the authentic and genuine taste. We seek only local farmers who we believe to have the highest quality standards and freshest ingredients in all of Rome. We believe in keeping true to classic Roman dishes, but adding a modern twist- and enhancing them with the best Italian wines.

We will never get bored in aiming for quality, courtesy, and professionalism.

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